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[Morning Message] Voice Record of the Fraudulent Election Tr

 投稿者:Shichitenhakki  投稿日:2013年10月25日(金)16時38分14秒
  通報 返信・引用
  [Morning Message] Voice Record of the Fraudulent Election Trial Fraud is a Historical Splendid Achievement(ryuubufan)


※(original mesage) http://sky.geocities.yahoo.co.jp/gl/ryuubufan/view/20131020
summarized and translated by Shichitenhakki

A fraudulent election trial is a trial that concerns the essence of democracy. If it is a normal trial, they will examine the evidence firmly and thoroughly and hear the testimony of the plaintiff and also hear the testimony of the defendant (in this case the Electoral Administration Board), then examine issues that arise from this testimony.

An official recount of votes is also necessary, too. How can a trial concerning the essence of democracy be concluded only by examing some documents? It was obviously a fraudulent trial -- it reached its conclusion on the first day even though they were allowed up to 100 days to conclude it. This manipulation of the court system is essentially the same as that done by the Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution, and is the trick of the power structure.

It was proven that Japanese democracy had already been subverted during the Ozawa case and the Ozawa trial. The existing system cannot hold the election trials of both houses of Representatives and Councilors fairly.
Therefore, an election trial fraud has been carried out.

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